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Alice Grace

Cookie Jar Lady Expands Her Horizons

“My work shows how I grew up and each piece tells a story,” says Alice Grace. “It is therapeutic … getting rid of some of those things I grew up with … a form of self expression.”

Grace grew up in Louisiana and has been doing some form of art for as long as she can remember. “Painting, sketching in school,” she recalls. She has been winning awards since she was in elementary school and 4H Clubs. She sells her paintings and crafts now, of course, but this is nothing new. Back in the day, back in elementary school, she sold her art for quarters to the other kids.

After high school, Grace attended Southern University for a year and then made her way to Toledo with her husband … and continued her painting, sculpture, greeting cards, ceramics, and so on. In fact, her first paintings were done on ceramics, such as cookie jars (she was once dubbed “the cookie jar lady”), when she eventually decided that if she could paint on ceramic, she could paint on canvas – so she did exactly that.

Fifteen years ago, she started her canvas work in different styles – abstract, surrealism, portraits.

“I’m fascinated with all forms of art,” she says today of the eclecticism of her styles and her media. “I want to do continuous artwork, I want to be good at it, I want to be great at it.”

Grace also wants to expand, as do so many other artists, beyond the confines of Toledo. “I’m working hard to accumulate enough work to do that,” she says. “I have displayed in Atlanta but I want to go farther than that.”

And she wants to go further with her ventures. Recently she started doing some woodwork and made a curio, “then I made a chair …”

Obviously, there are no limits for the cookie jar lady.

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