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Wade Anthony Harrison


Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, the son of Grover Cummings, Wade was encouraged to express himself through art from the very beginning. He started painting from the bed sheets, to the walls, onto paper. He used his art as a way of expression and to release his emotions.


During elementary school, he was directed and sponsored by his Principal to take art classes at The Toledo Museum of Art, as a way to positively focus his energies.


Growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Wade became influenced by the tide of the Black Power movement. Taking his self awareness cues from his mother and coupling that with the creative talent of his photographer father, he gravitated towards those musical expressions that were revolutionary; namely jazz, reggae, and hip hop. He consequently became infamous and influential in another revolution, the emerging Toledo graffiti art revolution, under the tag “Swade”.


Harrison continued his art education at the art institute of Pittsburgh, where he obtained his associate’s degree. Following a brief stint with an advertising agency in graphic design, Harrison concentrated more on his work as a fine artist. His style has since evolved into an exploratory freedom reflective of the music to which he listens.

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