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Ronald Jamison

Blending the Cosmic, and the Comic, with Nature

Ronald Jamison has been painting for as long as he can remember. The Toledo native remembers being influenced at an early age by his uncle, Johanna Nichols, an artist who was one of the founding members of the Conference of Black Artists (COBA) during the 1970’2, a group that also included the estimable Marvin Vines, another Jamison influence.

“Vines’ work was so alive and vibrant,” says Jamison. “He would put blues and greens in a face for example. I like vibrant things, I like the sparkle and splash”

That sense of vibrancy is exactly what Jamison endeavors to convey in his paintings. Asked to describe his work, Jamison replies immediately with a one word answer before expanding: “Cosmic.”

“My work deals with a lot of universal themes. I love nature – trees and bushes. I like painting women, I use anatomy a lot and themes of nature.”

Jamison also likes to delve into comic work, having been influenced by the artists of Marvel, among others. It doesn’t take long for a viewer to realize that Jamison is indeed a student of the comic school of art. His heroic drawings of human characters, frequently amidst the elements, are evocative of the comics. Not an easy calling, he acknowledges.

“You have to be dedicated to putting in the time and get good at it,” he says. By good, he also means prolific – that’s one of the keys to success in the comic world – being talented and fast.

Jamison is a painter at the moment but he has experimented with sculpture in the past – a medium he would like to get back to in the future.

As for the Whitmer High School graduate, he is clearly bullish on his opportunities in the art world.

“I think I’m good enough to reach a wide audience,” he says. “There are no boundaries as long as I get exposure … on a national level if I could. It’s limitless.

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