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ProMedica: Reshaping the Healthcare Delivery Model Through Its Social Determinants Health Institute
By Fletcher Word
Sojourner’s Truth Editor

According to the World Health Organization, by any measure the United States spends more money on health care than any other nation. That translates to more spent money per capita ($9,403), for example, and the largest percentage of GDP (17.1 percent in 2014). So, what could possibly go wrong with the nation’s health care system?



14th African American Festival Begins with Breakfast and Parade



Social Security Questions and Answers


Checklist for Your Social Security Annual Check-Up


Why You Need Life Insurance


Five Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer


Six Money Tips for Buying a Home


City of Toledo Closes Deal on 5355 and 5405 Southwyck Blvd.


Five Ways to Improve Your Financial Plan


Notre Dame Academy Eighth Graders Chosen for University Scholarship Program

Blue Gill Fishing Club Gives Scholarship to College-Bound Student

Four Tips for Paying for College While Saving for Retirement

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Fros Fashions and Finds Presents: Trending Natural Hairstyles for 2018

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