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Dear Ryan,  

I have been working out now for about three years and I want to get a little more results.  I am a 24 year old male and I consistently train three days per week.  I do total body workouts and they last for about two hours. What could I be doing to add some more size?

Mr. Workout


Dear Mr. Workout,

I believe most people put more emphasis on the workout and not enough on nutrition. A good workout along with proper nutrition will harvest new results for your physique. 

You must first take a look at your eating habits. Are you getting enough protein in your diet?  Are you drinking enough water? How much fats and carbs are you consuming? Evaluate your diet and make changes to fit your desired results. If you are trying to gain more size then your protein should be at least one gram per pound of lean body tissue. This is the most important macronutrient that your body needs to produce the results that you are seeking. 

Ryan Rollison

I have found that a great starting point  for you food ratios for putting on muscle mass and not gaining fat is 60 percent protein 15 percent carbs and 25 percent fats. This is a great starting point and you should make your adjustments from your carbs and fats.

 Two hours in the gym is a bit much unless you are doing your aerobic work too. Depending on what you are doing, you may not be giving your muscles enough time to rest between workouts. This will cause you to over train and put a halt on your gains. You should try to break up your workouts and concentrate on the large muscle groups such as: legs, back and chest.

On a three-day a week program, I would work legs and shoulders one day, back and biceps another, chest and triceps for the last workout. The days and order you would choose to do them are solely up to you. I like to do upper-lower-upper.

Do mass building exercise such as: squats, dead-lifts, bench press, incline press, seated rows and pull-ups.  Do a good warm-up set. After you warm-up, then pyramid up for four sets.  On your last two sets you should go heavy for at least six good form reps. Donít worry about how much weight you can lift.  Make sure that the weight you are lifting is heavy but comfortable and manageable for you to lift.  Six heavy reps with good strict form is what is important. 

You cannot sacrifice proper form for heavy weights.  Remember quality not quantity along with common sense is what builds good muscle and prevents injury.  Change your workouts every four-to-six weeks so that your muscles donít get used to the same workout.  Shocking the muscle like this will also help it to grow. 

Stay focused on your goal, eat well, train hard and good luck achieving your Dream Body.



Ryan Rollison
Dream Bodies
Toledo Ohio 








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