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By definition, is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way, a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea?

So, I am asking the questions this time. What motivates you to get up and get going? Are you even exercising yet or do you just give it a passing thought?

ďI will start tomorrow.Ē You say. Now that tomorrow was three or four weeks ago and you are still waiting. What is it that you are waiting for? It only gets easier when you get started. 

You have to start by setting a goal, a realistic goal. Donít set a weight goal just yet. Set a feel better goal. A more energy goal, a sleep better goal, a positive thinking goal or a love yourself more goal.

Even if itís just getting up earlier and not doing anything but taking time for yourself and reflecting at first. Maybe you can get up a half hour earlier and start a simple stretching routine. How easy is that? Get up and just stretch for a while get the blood flowing, relax your mind, feel your energy and perhaps plan your day.

Ryan Rollison

So many times we wake up with the alarm, jump up (after hitting snooze three times) and we are off to the races. This is no way for you to start your day. It keeps you always behind the eight-ball, rushing, tired and stressing out.  Studies have shown that such stressful routine leads to over eating, high blood pressure, release of cortisol and numerous other negative effects on our mind and bodies that we can all do without.

A simple change in your morning routine will alleviate a lot of unwanted stress and help provide you with a better sense of control and positivity. Now that you have started this three-to-five days a week and you are feeling better you will be, whatís the word? Ė MOTIVATED Ė to continue to keep going with this new routine.

Now you can add your new workout to the day as well. You have been waking up early now take two of those days and begin your exercise program. Just substitute two days of stretching for your work out. So now you have M/W/F as your stretch days and T/TH as your work out days. Next week switch it around. And keep it simple, this is about staying motivated and feeling better.

Perhaps begin with a few sets of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. If you have time left in you half hour finish it with stretching. Remember this is about motivation and feeling better. Creating this new habit and sticking to it will create more motivation. And remember that by definition it is a REASON.

Keep your reason fresh in your mind daily as you improve, begin to change your goals as you become more consistent, challenge yourself and believe that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to. Be your own motivation and be an inspiration to others. Itís not about the Inn itís the journey that get you there. It may be a slow process but as long as you keep going you will get there.


If you have 50 lbs or more to lose I have a specific fit camp just for you. Please email me at mydreambodies419@gmail.com if youíre interested, in the subject put 50+ and I will get information to you.

Ryan Rollison
Dream Bodies
Toledo Ohio 








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