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Dear Ryan,

 Iíve been reading your articles for a long time and I find them very helpful.  The one thing that I am bit confused about is the nutrition.  You know you have touched on nutrition and  I read a lot of articles and they are all saying different things to do in order to lose weight it is kind of confusing. Some say eat more; less; no carbs; low protein; more carbs; don't eat after a certain time; fast and everything in between can you shed some light on this and make it a little easier to understand?



Dear Confused

This is a great question.  If you read my articles you will also see that I have said I believe in the K.I.S.S. acronym (keep it simple stupid).

Ryan Rollison

You need to stop reading all this stuff because, as you said, the more you read the more confused you may become.

Now I am not saying do not read. What I am saying is when you do read, decipher what will work for you. There is no cookie cutter diet that works for everyone but there are basics that should be stuck to.

First of all, know your body! Are you carb sensitive, are you dependent on coffee or other stimulants, sugar or anything else that brings your weight up?  I suggest keeping a food log to become more aware of your eating habits.  You may not think youíre eating ta lot of food, which may be an issue as well, or too many sweets.

Do not be lazy! It will take you less than one minute to write down what you just ate. But there are different factors that contribute to weight gain or a halt in weight loss. Not eating enough can cause you to gain weight. You go all day without eating, then eat your meal before bed time and then go to sleep. This causes your body to think that youíre starving it and it will store the food.  It is also raises your insulin way too high before bed time. 

I know one of the big things is intermittent fasting right now and I personally am not a fan. I believe it sets you up for failure and that a lot of people binge eat at some point.  You really need to simply clean up your eating and stop looking for that magic diet. By keeping a food log that I had mentioned earlier you will be better able to tell where youíre making your mistakes and pay closer attention to your eating habits. This alone will make the difference in your food choices. 

I say do not concern yourself so much at this point about being on a diet as much as eating cleaner. DIET is a four-letter work. You want to transition into a healthier lifestyle and better food choices. Take the time to start packing your lunches and include healthy snacks. Celery and natural almond or peanut butter. Any vegetables that you like and fruits that are high in fiber. you can find a list of foods on my website mydreambodies.com under the nutrition tab. 

Get rid of anything you tend to eat an abundance of. Chips, cookies, cakes and processed foods are not your friends when you are trying to lose body fat. Make sure that when you eat you have protein and a vegetable. These will help keep your insulin from spiking to high and storing fat.

Stay away from sugary fruits, breads, pastas and other starchy carbs. You have to drink more water and begin some kind of exercise plan as well. DO NOT be one of those people who say that they want to lose weight before they start working out. Remember it's about making better food choices, knowing your body and increasing activity that lead you into a healthier lifestyle. Not the fad diets and misinformation that's floating around out there.

I hope this was helpful and that you will be able move forward in a positive direction. Good luck to you and all that are trying to make a healthy lifestyle change.

If  ANYONE needs to lose 50 pounds or more, the right way and keep it off, Please contact me. I will be starting a special group program just for you!



Ryan Rollison

Dream Bodies











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