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Dear Ryan,

My name is Marcus and Iím a junior in high school.  I play football and I want to get bigger but some of my friends and my dad think it will slow me down.  Right now I am 5í9 and I run a 4.54 -40.  Is there a way to improve my size and strength without losing my speed?


Dear Marcus

 Iím not sure what position you play but Iím assuming that youíre either some sort of back or a receiver.  I donít know of any lineman at your age with that kind of speed. 

Letís look at a few names here: Ezekiel Elliot, LeíVeon Bell, Carl Lewis (track). Ben Johnson (track) and the list can go on. Now these guys may be older and this is even better to make the point I am about to prove to you.

Ryan Rollison

Look at their physiques and athleticism. Practically flawless: muscular, fast, agile and extremely great at what they do. Ask yourself if you have ever seen a small, successful football player or track star. 

NO, you have not and I doubt you ever will! Yes, tight large muscles will slow you down and the more muscle you put on the tighter you may get. Staying flexible, stretching and running after your workouts can easily control this. Your consistency with your conditioning will also keep you flexible and fast

Now for you to get bigger and better you are going to have to start lifting heavier. I recommend that you do two good warm-up sets and then start to put the weight on.  You should do a lot of power exercises such as: squats, dead lifts, bench press and cleans. You should do three-to-four good working sets of these exercises. 

Weight train every other day (M, W, F), run your sprints on your off day (T, T,) and rest on the weekend.  If you are not sure how to do these exercises, find a book, google, you-tube, or seek out a professional for this information.  I canít stress enough to you the importance of proper technique instead of just heavy lifting.

I stress technique to all my clients because itís about results and injury prevention. You want quality not quantity! If you squat 300 pounds but are doing it wrong then you may as well not ever do them. You will get better results doing 150 pounds correctly than 300 pounds wrong. Another thing is that a lot people don't want to work is their legs. Strong legs, along with a strong mid-section, are your foundation for you strength, stability, balance, speed and agility. So please do not avoid your leg work.  

 Drink plenty of water and be sure to consume enough quality calories and protein so that you build muscle tissue and do not destroy it. I hope this will help you to develop the physique and athleticism that you are seeking.  Train hard and smart and get your rest. 


Ryan Rollison
Dream Bodies
Toledo Ohio 








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