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Dear Ryan,
I am trying to get in shape for my wedding coming up in September.  I would love to lose about 15 pounds by the time I have to say ďI do!Ē  I have a few women in my bridal party that would like to drop some weight also. First I want to know if itís possible to lose 15 pounds in that amount of time, whatís the best way to do it and do you give any specials to a group of people?

Thanks in advance
Bride 2 B

Dear Bride 2 B,
Congratulations on your up-coming wedding. It is very obtainable for you to lose 15 pounds or more by your wedding in September. Shoot for one pound of fat loss per week but no more than three pounds.  I want you to be aware that if you are weight training, which you should be, that the scale may discourage you.  Remember that muscle is more dense than fat. A pound is a pound but you must realize that your goal is to look better and the scale will deceive you. 

Ryan Rollison

The main thing I tell my clients to do is go by how your clothes fit and how you appear in the mirror. NOT THE SCALE!!  Your eating is obviously going to be key in your success or failure and your meals should not contain sugars or fast acting carbs (see mydreambodies.com for nutrition list). Remember to eat five small meals per day and consume a majority of your calories earlier in the day or as needed per your activity for work or exercise. Eat only lean meat and veggies in your last meal. 

Actually if you can tolerate it, white fish and two cups of veggies are the best thing to eat at night time for fat loss. Donít forget to drink lots of water.  Your workouts can be total body workouts three days per week, making sure you hit the major muscle groups, followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio. You should do extra cardio on the days you donít weight train. 

Mix your workouts up as well don't do the same thing every time you go. After the first month you can add a day train two days then rest one. but at this point you will no longer do total body days. You will need to split the body up. You can do lower body one day and then upper body the next. 

  As far as deals go, of course I will give you a price break if you come in with a friend and train at the same time. I do not like to do personal training for more than two people at a time because it takes away from the attention that I can devote to your session.  Although if you have three or more in your group I do Dream Bodies Fit Camps and I will come to you.  I do them at the parks in the summer or where ever you would like to meet. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Congratulations and I hope you have a happy long successful marriage.  


You can get a great food list at mydreambodies.com

Good luck you way to your Dream Bodies out there and keep the questions coming.         


Ryan Rollison
Dream Bodies
Toledo Ohio 








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