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Joel Osteen Says.. Hell No to Hell!

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

      Well, we can now say for a certainty that the famed and fabulously rich pastor of the mega church Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas is not a hell raiser.

      According to a recent interview on Easter Morning and aired on CBS, the perennially grinning "pastor" of thousands (note: no one can pastor thousands of people, much less to even know their names!) was asked about two of the main tenets of the Judeo Christian faith and that is....wait for it....hell and repentance.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     Good ol' Joel who hates to disappoint anyone can now include Satan in his fan club  since Joel's denial of Satan's lair means that religious people who just want a social club and not be subjected to bible-based preaching can get on with their lives without a worry or a care about whether they could spend eternity in hell.

     I mean, look at this, this way. If I told you that you could drive your car without insurance or be stopped for a traffic violation, you would probably hoop it up and realize all of the insurance premiums you could now save and you could drive with wild abandonment.

    If I told you that you can engage in any illicit conduct of your own choosing and whim and you would not have to face any judgment about it after you die, what would you do? Would you become a serial fornicator? How about a thief and a cheat? A glutton? Consider scamming trusting senior citizens out of their savings? Better yet, submitting false tax returns and bogus social security claims and make a whopping fortune!

     I mean, why not? If you can live any which way in this natural life and avoid any penalty or rebuke for living a dastardly lifestyle and with no eternal and lasting repercussions, isn't it tempting to at least try something, wild and woolly and edgy?

     If I were to preach to you under the authority of the Word of God that you are a "good" person and that you can live your best life now and that God is smiling down on you all of the time, wouldn't you come to my "church" and lap up that sappy stuff?

     Would you not be attracted to a doctrine of no costly repentance and a doctrine of there being no hell?

     Think of it. My preaching or teaching could give you cover so that you could avoid

any guilt or avoid  being confronted by a just and holy God who will one day call you into account for the deeds that you have done in the flesh.

    Is it not normal for people to run and hide or lie when they do wrong or think that they are about to be found out that they have lied, cheated, or have twisted facts to suit their conscience?

    But, if I preach a "gospel" of you are OK and I am OK, then we can get rid of this

guilt stuff and not worry about future consequences of our bad acts and behavior.

    The gospel according to Joel Osteen gives you permission to "do your thing" and without a proper and awe-inspiring fearful concern for the consequences possibly leading to an eternity in hell.

    Good ol' Joel does not want to burden your already frazzled life with a biblical doctrine of hell. A doctrine that Jesus, the Son of God, repeatedly taught, explained and affirmed when he walked the earth. This Jesus, without reservation, described the nature of hell as being a place of anguish, torment, suffering and eternal separation from the presence of God.

    I know....I know. Talking about hell and repentance may give you a bad case of the "hee-bee gee-bees"; and you want to believe that you are a good person. A nice person. A person who gives to charities and volunteers at the local food bank.

    You are someone who believes in the inherent goodness of mankind and that each person has a "spark" of God in them.

    You are the type of person who adopts stray dogs. You send your mom a card each Mothers’ Day. You are honest on your tax returns.  You even wash your car at least

every two weeks even when it does not need it. You give alms to the poor and are not a gossip or a busybody like those other people.

   But, whom are you going to believe?  A smiling Joel Osteen who has not the guts or fortitude to preach a full gospel which includes graphic descriptions of both a heaven and a hell; and the need for repentance from sin or, are you going to believe the whole gospel as found in the Bible?

     Make no mistake about it. Joel Osteen is viewed and heard by many millions of people worldwide.  You will not find Joel preaching a "hell and damnation" sermon because he does not want to offend people who are struggling and who do not want to face or deal with a literal hell or the need for genuine repentance.

     Joel wants to make your life comfy and he wants you to smile and have a great life now and be prosperous and be in great health.  Joel's bread and butter is preaching and teaching a watered-down soda pop gospel. A gospel that is blatantly contrary to the very words of the Jesus that he seemingly professes he knows and follows.

    You know, repenting is a tough thing to do. You may face criticisms and ostracisms if you do an about face and turn from your wicked ways and accept the gospel of repentance that is found in the Word of God.

     Family members may scorn you. Co-workers may avoid you. Even your spouse may rebuke you if you renounce a lifestyle that they have grown to enjoy and accept and there you are now...repenting and changing before their very eyes.

      Your newly-found life is a testimony against their lifestyle and no one wants to be judged because you repented and no longer do the things that you used to do.

       Don't worry! With Joel Osteen, you can attend his mega church or listen to him on the TV and feel good about yourself and not be bombarded with, "come to the altar"


      Joel will affirm you as you are and demand no repentance of you and much less tell you in no uncertain terms that you are facing the fires of hell if you leave this world without a personal relationship with the Jesus as revealed in the scriptures.

     No, Joel is not a hell raiser and he has clearly said, "Hell No to Hell!"

I take it that if I, as a lawyer, was not to give you the full breadth of the possible punishments for a crime that you had committed but glibly glossed over it and tried to make you feel good about yourself but yet the judge throws the book at you, you would probably feel that you did not get thorough legal representation.

     You would think, as you sit in jail (analogized to "hell") that if you would have been noticed or informed about the possible punishments awaiting you, you would at least have had the opportunity to change your ways and walk the straight and narrow.

    But not with Joel's approach.  He wants to keep smiling and have you smile when he preaches and teaches an incomplete and feckless gospel.

     Why? He does not want to offend your sensibilities or have you feel condemned and much less worry about being sent to a devil's hell.

     Is Joel your gospel friend? You tell me. But for sure, Joel is no hell raiser!


Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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