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LISC AmeriCorps Steers Funding, Volunteers to Toledo Area Efforts to Fight Poverty


The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is partnering with a long-heralded federal program that promotes national service to support building community engagement strategies with active citizenry that reflect the diversity of residents in Toledo’s neighborhoods. 


LISC is dedicating more than $3 million to support 165 AmeriCorps members in 13 urban areas and rural communities, including Toledo. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)—the federal agency that oversees AmeriCorps—is providing $1.44 million in funding, which LISC is matching with another $1.6 million. Nationally, the LISC AmeriCorps program addresses challenges related to jobs, housing, education and other issues that underpin poverty.


In Toledo, new AmeriCorps members will engage community residents, so that residents lead what happens in their own neighborhood.


LISC AmeriCorps is unique because it typically draws its participating members from the same communities where they are assigned to work.


“Our focus is on helping create economic opportunity for residents in our target neighborhoods and to improve the quality of life by engaging residents and partners in the community,” said Kim Cutcher, executive director with LISC Toledo. “Our AmeriCorps members are passionate about supporting that kind of change, and deeply motivated to give back to their communities.”


LISC has operated a national AmeriCorps program for more than two decades, having placed members in community-focused initiatives and programs across the country. Many of those members have gone on to long careers working with nonprofits, social services agencies and government.


“For us, AmeriCorps is about giving low-income residents the skills they need to build a careers in community-focused sectors, just as it is about lifting the prospects of the struggling neighborhoods where they live,” said Stacey Rapp, LISC AmeriCorps’ national program director.


About LISC

LISC equips struggling communities with the capital, program strategy and know-how to become places where people can thrive. It combines corporate, government and philanthropic resources. Since 1980, LISC has invested $17.3 billion to build or rehab 366,000 affordable homes and apartments and develop 61 million square feet of retail, community and educational space. For more, visit www.lisc.org


About Corporation for National and Community Service:  The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is a federal agency that engages millions of Americans in service through its Senior Corps and AmeriCorps programs. For more information, visit www.NationalService.gov.


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