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Students at Independent Colleges In Ohio Offering Support To Students In Texas with $5,000 Goal


Kindness Matters from Ohio to Texas and from Student to Student

Special to The Truth


Kindness matters in a time like this, and students throughout Ohio are stepping up to do their part. Otterbein University and the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (AICUO) are leading an effort to rally students at Ohio’s 52 independent colleges to raise $5,000 for their fellow students in Texas.


In response to Otterbein President Kathy Krendl’s request to support students in Texas, Lourdes University President Mary Ann Gawelek, Ph.D, and Lourdes University students have joined in this partnership. “As Gray Wolves, Lourdes University is pleased to support this important initiative. Collectively, Ohio students can reach the goal and most importantly, show that kindness does indeed matter,” says Gawelek.


Students at several Ohio Independent Colleges and Universities are joining in this effort to extend kindness and support to their Texas counterparts who are suffering the loss of personal property. Students are asked to determine the value of something that is important in their day-to-day living and then consider making an online cash donation via a Go Fund Me account in that amount to help a Texas student replace something they’ve lost in their residence halls, off-campus apartments or homes.


Students can donate at can donate at https://www.gofundme.com/kindness-matters-ohio-students-helping-texas-students or http://bit.ly/2eHHKti.


AICUO President Todd Jones said, “This is a great way for our Ohio independent college students to reach out with the most urgent need of funding to the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT), a peer organization to AICUO.”


Otterbein President Kathy Krendl said genuine regard, the care and the conviction to ease someone’s burden, to advance knowledge, to nurture civility, to build community and certainly to advance the common good flourish on independent college campuses.


“Otterbein recently joined a larger effort to inspire and cultivate infectious kindness in our region,” she said. “Please join us in championing a lesson that challenges and inspires our students to experience for themselves that their kindness matters.”


Krendl said she hopes this effort will offer students across Ohio an “actionable moment that translates to the kind of help that will be necessary after emergent needs are met.” Noting that some “painful realities” may be ahead for Texas campus communities and their students, Krendl said, “we can’t imagine a more important time to model the power of shared purpose and the value of advancing a greater good.”


For more information about this AICUO campaign, contact Stacey Dorr of AICUO at (614) 228-2196 or sdorr@aicuo.edu, or Jennifer Pearce of Otterbein University at (614) 823-1285 or jpearce@otterbein.edu.



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