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It Was a Frightful Night; Terrifying Actually!

It didn’t start out that way. Saturday evening, October 21, started off as a delightful, warmer than usual, quiet afternoon in the UpTown area along Adams Street. Quiet and peaceful. Sure there were rumors that ugly, frightful creatures might try to invade the peace and quiet. Enough rumors in fact that the street was barricaded, cordoned off, to prevent an invasion of such unwanted dead, the almost dead and the undead.

But as the night approached, it became clear that the barricades were insufficient for their purpose; the frightful beings started to emerge, to breach the protective walls. They entered at the checkpoints – six of them – by frightening the guards and bribing them with as little as $5 bills and stormed the business places. They came by the thousands and little could be done to scare them off. Many places tried playing loud music hoping that might frighten them off, but it had the opposite effect. The monsters actually liked the strange sounds and began to jump up and down to it; on this night, music did not have charms to soothe the savage breasts.

Some establishments tried serving the beasts beverages in hopes that such fluids might calm them, perhaps even render them placid and manageable. Again, no luck. They guzzled the beer and the cocktails and were energized by the alcoholic potions, demanding even more.

There was nothing to be done but to wait them out. Finally as midnight came and passed, as 1 a.m. came and passed, and finally, the 2 a.m. hour, they slinked off, back into the shadows whence they came. Threats of a return were heard though; many growled that the same time next year would mark their re-appearance. The area will be better prepared though, that’s for sure. Stronger barricades; louder, more frightening music … whatever it takes.


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