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Kaptur Urges Trump Administration to Listen to the Voices of Ohioans While Renegotiating NAFTA
In letter to USTR, Kaptur urges action to protect workers and submits testimony from recent field hearing in Brook Park, Ohio

Amidst ongoing NAFTA renegotiations with Canada and Mexico, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) sent a letter, along with pages of testimony from Ohioans, to U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer urging that real labor standards and enforcement be included in any new continental trade agreement. 

“Millions of Americans have endured relentless job outsourcing and significant downward wage and benefit pressures under NAFTA's rigid provisions. Significant as well, our nation has never achieved a trade balance with our NAFTA competitors in over a quarter century. Indeed, since 1993, America’s cumulative deficit with NAFTA partners now totals nearly $2 trillion. This negative result represents an astounding abdication of economic growth,” Kaptur wrote in the letter.

The letter included testimony from Kaptur’s August town hall on NAFTA, trade, and jobs in Brook Park, Ohio. This included analysis and perspectives from the National Farmers Union, Teamsters Local 416 in Cleveland, Blue Green Alliance, Sierra Club, Policy Matters Ohio, United Steelworkers, and the United Auto Workers.

“To drive through our district and speak to our constituents provides a daily reminder of the plight these workers face: shuttered factories, hollowed out neighborhoods, chronic economic stress due to diminished employment opportunities in quality jobs. Time and again during the field hearing, participants called for increased worker protections, improved environmental provisions, and elimination of special courts that further enhance already bloated transnational interests. You now have [a great] opportunity to rectify these troubles by focusing on the American worker as you negotiate with Canada and Mexico. To amplify the concerns of the hearing’s participants, I am including their prepared testimony so you can read their stories and understand their experiences,” Kaptur continued.

Kaptur again called for the inclusion of a tri-party Independent Labor Secretariat, to ensure the labor standards are enforced. An idea that is supported and outlined by the AFL-CIO here.

“Ultimately, the American worker demands fair trade and a level playing field with workers in Canada and Mexico. I have little doubt that you will have the votes from Congress to support your achievement if you negotiate a deal that puts American workers’ interests first,” Kaptur concluded.


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