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Mayor-Elect Wade Kapszukiewicz Announces Transition Plan

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

During a press conference on Monday, November 20, at his campaign office, Toledo Mayor-elect Wade Kapszukiewicz announced the co-chairmen of his transition team and the format they will employ over the next 45 days to pave the way for his team’s takeover of the 22nd floor of One Government Center.

Michael Beazley, Will Lucas and Rita Mansour are the transition co-chairmen and they will host a series of mayoral roundtables with invited guests to explore four major areas of concern for the new administration: economic development, quality of life, education and safety. In addition to the roundtables, Kapszukiewicz also announced that his transition will be comprised of three other key segments over the next several weeks including: one-on-one conversations between the mayor-elect and various stakeholders such as council members, county commissioners and suburban mayors; extending an opportunity for all Toledoans to participate in the transition process via a website that  can “allow resumes and allow ideas” to reach the transition team; meetings involving a large group of opinion makers of “all backgrounds.”

Kapszukiewicz said that at the end of the transition process, the co-chairmen will produce a document summarizing the effort and, by that time, “a sense of shared ownership will signal to Toledoans the reality that everyone has a stake and that we are all in this together.”

Additionally, the mayor-elect announced that he is opening up the search for three positions: chief of staff, economic development director and finance director beyond the traditional city environs. A national search is anticipated for those positions. Thus far the only announcement that has been made of an incoming staff member is that of Angela Lucas, who served as the finance manager of the campaign.

Beazley has served in leadership positions in local government for over 30 years. He joined the City of Oregon as administrator in 2010. Prior to that, he was the Lucas County administrator and the clerk of Toledo City Council.

Will Lucas is the founder and CEO of A William Lucas Company which is home to Creadio, a brand marketing technology agency servicing nationally recognized brands and Classsana, an online software platform that helps companies organize educational resources.

Mansour advises clients throughout the world; her client list includes professionals, business owners, retirees, foundations, endowments and institutions involved in various areas of commerce.



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