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Local Business Owner Expands Services


By Tricia Hall

Sojourner’s Truth reporter


In the arts community, CC’s Lyricist Lounge is one of the well-known supporters of entrepreneurs, musicians and poets. Owned and operated by Chawone Ardrey for over 10 years, the business has expanded into the special events and workshop area.


“We have different events each week and I like to support other entrepreneurs. Especially if you’re looking for a service or business partner, then you can make connections,” said Ardrey.


Ten years ago, the lounge hosted open mic nights for poets, singers and musicians at the Peacock Lounge located in UpTown Toledo. Over the years, the business has moved and expanded to where it is today. In addition to hosting poetry and musical open mic nights, the lounge plans to offer almost 10 various workshops ranging from drumming lessons, paint classes, sewing lessons, and entrepreneurship workshops. The lounge also provides an intimate venue to host private events or parties.

Chara and Chawone Ardrey


The lounge periodically hosts special networking or social events for different audiences. In November the lounge hosted Meeting of the Minds, and also Speed Dating, Networking and Musical Chairs; both were networking events that invited participants to either consider speed dating or networking.


“The speed dating and networking event, you never know, you may find a mate or business partner. I’m newly single and heard about this type of networking event before, and decided to bring it here,” shared Ardrey.


The lounge already has its list of December events available on the Facebook page, search for CC’s Lyricist Lounge.’ On December 8, the lounge will host Apollo style Junior, an open mic night for kids between two-17 years of age, admission is $5 and the event starts at 8:00 p.m. On December 16, the lounge will welcome a Bridal Expo featuring vendor and wedding dress models. The lounge will also host a poetry event on December 9 and December 29 starting at 8:00 p.m.


The events are leading up to the one year anniversary of the lounge in the current location, there will be a planned celebration on January 21, which is Ardrey’s birthday.


“I enjoy this current location. Less is more, some people have their opinion. Some say it’s too small, while others say just right,” explained Ardrey.


The name CC, celebrates the three generations of women associated with the lounge: Chawone, her oldest daughter, and three granddaughters. In addition to owning the lounge, she also owns a beauty salon located just four buildings down from the lounge. The salon is called, Transformations natural hair salon, located at 1000 S Reynolds Road. The salon was opened on her mother’s birthday, 10 years ago.


For information about booking your special event, workshops or upcoming events, call 419-810-1341. CC’s Lyricist Lounge is located at 958 S. Reynolds Road between Angola Road and Airport Highway in Toledo. The lounge has a Facebook page, search for ‘CC’s Lyricist Lounge.’


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