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Help! All I See Are Black People!

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

    It has been reported that a recent white witness before the grand jury in the District of Columbia, which is being used to investigate any possible criminal ties with the Trump Campaign and/or evidence of political collusion with the Kremlin interfering with the recent 20016 federal elections, complained to the media of too many blacks on the grand jury!

     The Huffington Post newspaper reported that the witness related to New York Post columnist Richard Johnson that the members of the grand jury in Washington D.C., "Looked like they came from a Black Lives Matter protest."

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     This same disgruntled white witness purportedly said that the grand jury room looks "Like a Bernie Sanders rally" or that, "These jurors were found from central casting.”

     It is to be noted that grand juries draw their members from the immediate surrounding community and in D.C. where the population is majority black, the grand jury that Mueller is using is composed of 11 minorities out of a total of 20 persons.

     Now think about this: This white witness said that there was only, "One other white male in the room and that was the prosecutor."

Can't you just feel his angst? This bugged-eyed white witness was both seemingly amazed and concerned or maybe even frightened that he was only one of two white males in a room full of "those people."

     Taking his observations from a vantage point of white privilege, this beleaguered male was taken out of his comfort zone and placed in a situation in which he was the minority; and probably being a minority for the  first time in his life... and he did not like it one bit!

     This white witness was, for a moment, thrust from his position of entitlements and perks and privileges due to his white skin and America's legal cocooning of those privileges initially designed for white males in particular.

      To be placed as a white male minority in a sea of brown and black people was uncomfortable to this witness and from his statements one can infer that somehow such  a composition of grand jurors would mean that they are not favorable to Trump.

     Oh? Nothing was said about their ability to take an oath of office and to be fair and to hear and see the evidence and make a decision according to their life experiences and the instructions of the law.

     No, the image that will be put out to the general media is that Bob Mueller, the special prosecutor, is stacking the deck against President Trump by having these so-called liberal, black people decide against Trump!

     Isn't it always amazing about the gall of certain white people when they are placed in situations by which or in which they are not the puppet masters but must patiently wait for the acts of those "other people" to decide something?

     This white witness is very comfortable complaining about what he may perceive as biases against his fellow, white citizenry but he has no clue or historical knowledge about the reverses of this same grand jury or legal system in America.

      One of the most sordid times in the history of American jurisprudence has been and still is in some cases, the total lack of due process (fairness) and justice that was not meted out to people of color in courts across the land and especially so in the South.

       How many  tens of thousands (that we know of) black people were wrongly accused and put to death, lynched or imprisoned due to a grand jury hearing the biased testimony of prejudiced white people while those black people had no recourse or appeal from such mean-spirited and race-baited trials?

      What historian could have enough books to fill the pages of the gross miscarriages of justice that black people daily faced in their centuries-old struggle to make America work for them via the court, the judges and the all white grand juries?

      You could run 24/7 specials on the gross injustices done to people of color via juries who did not think blacks had any rights to be respected (The Dred Scott decision) and as such those oppressed people were routinely and systematically denied medical care, housing, jobs, travel rights, marriage rights, voting rights and access to basic rights to get a foundational education.

       No, the above did not cross this white witness's mind. He did not give a second thought to those deprivations since he was not under the nail boot of those raw decisions. He only saw that he was not in the driver's seat and that did not make him happy in the least.

      He further did not understand the limited role of a grand jury which is only to present indictments while the final fate of a defendant is determined by a judge or a sworn jury.

      How wonderful it could and would have been if black people from the time that they arrived in ships hundreds of years ago could have been afforded basic human decency and fairness in their plight as chattel and slaves.

      No, this white male witness, whom I shall now name as, "Mr. White America" saw only himself greedily eating all of the goodies that America offered to those who voluntarily came to its shores as immigrants or indentured servants.

If you were black, Indian, brown or poor, your designation was, "other" and as we know, "others" do not sit at the grownup's table and equally partake in the conversations.

     Rather, our Mr. White America seemingly took offense that justice could be colored with a crayon other than white and that black and brown crayons were now coloring in the pages of America judicial history via the Mueller investigation.

     Our Mr. White America was forced (albeit for only a brief moment), when he was a witness in that room with the "only other white male", to come to terms that justice is supposed to be color blind and regardless that if all of the twenty persons on that grand jury were black, that should not make a wit of difference in justice weighing the scales evenly, even if your last name may be Trump.


Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com


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