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Mindful Ways to Lose Pounds!

By Angela Steward, Fitness Motivator
The Truth Contributor

Well…. More than likely your 2018 New Year's Resolution has faded away and your "swimsuit body" still hasn't arrived! You may start to think it’s impossible to lose weight, but don’t give up! Your approach could possibly be the problem! 

Maybe you jumped in on January 1 with a goal of losing 25 pounds by summer, but realized pretty quickly that the diet you’re using isn’t giving you the numbers on the scale you thought it would! While making that weight loss resolution, you probably didn’t realize summer was many months away…lol! 

In actuality, most diets do work - temporarily – but eventually your life will return to normal!  You won’t live the rest of your life in diet mode!  Eventually, real life takes over and fried chicken, mac and cheese, and smothered biscuits start to slide in your mouth pretty easily! 

Angela R. Steward

Owner & Head Instructor of


We’re all searching for our "perfect" body. In actuality, God gifted us with our perfect body! It’s how we’ve treated our body overtime and our tainted perception of what the “perfect” body is, is the problem! Gaining weight is easy! Why? Because it’s mindless! It takes little thought to eat what’s in front of us! If we thought about what we eat, why we’re eating it, then change it, we’d lose weight pretty quickly, because mindful eating works!

The next step is to put our mindful eating into action! Being mindful of what we’re eating and drinking puts us IN CONTROL! By setting realistic weight loss goals and making a few mindful eating changes – you can lose weight and still enjoy the foods you love – on occasion, without gaining weight!

The first step in making a realistic goal is to forget about what or who you compare yourself to in the magazines, or on television, or in everyday life!  Most of the people whose body you so desperately want, have more than likely had weight loss surgeries, body altering surgeries, a little tuck here, a little snip there, and a lot of umphhh added up there and back there!  So start your weight loss journey with fresh eyes, start with YOU! 

Go through your old pictures and find one that reflects a time in your life where you thought you looked your BEST! Chances are, that picture is of a young lady 17 – 25, who hasn’t yet experienced LIFE! Now, insert your LIFE experiences into that picture –  by losing a few pounds, using mindful eating habits, and exercising regularly, the person you are today can look even better than that young, inexperienced little girl captured in that picture!  We can never go back to how we used to look, but believe me, it’s possible to look better! Now go grab that little girl picture, and let’s work toward setting realistic goals!  Let’s lose a few pounds a week! 

These few tips can help you lose a few pounds per week:

1.  If you don’t like vegetables on their own, hide them.

You can save up to 360 calories by adding cauliflower, broccoli or carrots to your salads, casserole and pasta recipes without changes in taste or texture.

2. Use hummus in place of other high-fat dips and spreads (toss the ranch dip, mayonnaise and even high-sugar ketchup).

You’ll increase your daily fiber content (making you fuller for longer) and it will save you an average of 250 calories.

3. No cheese – Please!

Removing cheese from one sandwich can save you between 70 and 120 calories. If you skip it for a week, you can save almost 500 calories weekly!

4. Substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream.

If you can’t eat your baked potato without sour cream - use Greek yogurt!  It could save you 175 calories! Buy the low fat, plain version of Greek yogurt for a great sour cream taste without all the calories and fat.

5. Chew your calories – don’t drink your calories! 

Getting rid of specialty coffee drinks and sodas can save you between 500 to 700 calories a day!  Wow!!!!

6. If you can - Change the color of your coffee back to black.

You can save up to 200 calories in your coffee by passing on half-and-half and non-dairy creamers.  If you pass on the sugar as well that’s an additional 100 calorie savings.  *This is a hard one for me….lol!*.  

7. Gotta grab & go?  Think "kid's size" !

Ordering off the kids menu from fast-food restaurants and "kiddie cups" from the ice-cream parlor can save you up to 500 calories.

8.  Try not to eat out so much, and if you do….Eat Half!!!

By making your meals at home you can save up to 1,000 calories a day (depending how often you eat). Just think about it!  Many restaurants serve your lunch on a dinner plate and serve your dinner on a platter!  Ask for a carry out container immediately – put half of your meal in the container and eat what’s left on your plate!  Enjoy you left overs later!!!!

9. When you eat out – learn to say "on the side, please"!

Asking for salad dressings and sauces on the side (you control the amount of sugar and fat added to your food) you can save up to 400 calories.  You’re in control, so control it!

10. Cook with cooking spray instead of butter or oil.

By using cooking sprays in place of butter or oil, you’re reducing the amount of fat you’re using in your pan! Using cooking sprays can save you up to 100 calories.

11. Use balsamic vinegar with oil instead of salad dressing!

By eating balsamic vinegar with oil, you can save up to 200 calories on your salad!  Balsamic vinegar is full of flavor, not calories! And chances are - you won't notice a difference.

12. Eat out of a smaller plate! Think 9 inches not 12 inches and up!

Switching from a 12-inch plate to a 9-inch plate will trick your eye into believing you're eating more. This, in turn, will cause you to eat less at every meal.

13. Talk to yourself.  Take a few minutes before you eat and ask yourself if you're truly hungry. Am I eating because I’m bored, thirsty or stressed?  The answer may surprise you!

14. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!  Do I have to repeat it?  Exercise!! Even though my “ladies only” gym “Fabulously Fit” is awesome and I’d love to share my love of exercise with you, you don’t have to join a gym to exercise!  Walk through our local parks! Dance while you’re cleaning your house!  Do squats every time you get up out of your chair!  Chase your kids and grandkids!  Don’t sit your body down, move your body! 

By following these few small tips, you will start to see actual results soon.  Your summer body can actually be here sooner than you think!! 

Yours in Fitness!!

Angela R. Steward, Owner

head Instructor


Fabulously Fit Gym

(Toledo’s only “ladies only” fitness studio)

5425 Southwyck Blvd.

Toledo, Ohio 43614

Ph: 419-699-9399

Email: Fabfitu@yahoo.com

Classes:  Every Mon thru Fri @ 6pm & 7pm and Sat @ 9am


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