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Guns, Lies and Hypocrisy

By Fletcher Word
Sojourner’s Truth Editor

Beware the knifing free-for-alls in London, says the explainer-in-chief of the National Rifle Association’s goal to arm every citizen with firearms in an attempt to protect every citizen from attacks by citizens with firearms. The NRA’s apologist spoke at the group’s national convention last week in Dallas and suggested that it really doesn’t matter whether a country implements gun control or not because people will find another way to kill each other if guns are banned. Take London, for example, said the NRA spokesman, who doubles as the nation’s 45th chief executive.

Trump told the NRA convention in Dallas that a “once very prestigious” London hospital was “like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds.” He said London has “unbelievably tough gun laws,” adding, “they don’t have guns; they have knives and instead there’s blood all over the floors of this hospital.”

Of course he lied, as he always does. He lies even when he doesn’t have to – it’s second nature with him.

London’s murder rate, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations, is 1.2 per 100,000 residents. New York City’s murder rate (which is relatively low for a larger American metropolis) is three times higher than London’s and, on the other extreme, Baltimore’s is 45 times higher. For the nations as a whole, the murder rate in the U.S. is five times that of Great Britain which banned ownership of handguns in 1996 – six times that of Canada, our northern neighbor.

Such realities do not deter the NRA defender in the White House from repeating the Internet-inspired lies of the horrific knife blood baths in the UK because, that’s what he does every day and repeatedly – he lies.

The solution to all this mayhem and murder, according to the NRA and its White House spokesman, is not more restrictions but more weapons. Arm the teachers, arm citizens in public places – the more weapons, the more protection for every citizen.

And, in spite of the fact that there are purportedly more firearms in America than there are citizens, there are still not enough, say the Second Amendment fanatics. In spite of the statistics that inform us that countries with fewer guns have fewer homicides, let’s not let the facts stand in our way or prevent us from increasing the number of guns available for our law-abiding citizens.

The president, vice president, most House of Representatives, most U.S. Senators, most governors, most state legislators do not believe in, or profess not to believe in, the efficacy of gun control. They tote the NRA line because the NRA gives out big campaign donations to their A-rated elected officials. In fact, it would appear that there exists only one government agency that espouses the virtues of gun control and practices the same. It’s an agency that practices, in fact, zero tolerance for the possession of firearms or any lethal substance when its agents are engaged in that most sacred of duties – protecting lives.

The Secret Service, unfortunately, is only charged with protecting the lives of the president, vice president and their families. The Secret Service does so because it has been authorized by Congress to do so and it has done so fairly effectively. Apparently, Congress does sometimes believe that gun control is practical and effective. It’s been, after all, 37 years since a president was shot. It all depends on whom one wants to protect.

The Secret Service, when one of its clients is facing a public appearance, prohibits guns, toy guns, selfie sticks, laser pointers, aerosols, backpacks, signs and all glass, metal or thermal containers. Thus its client can feel perfectly at ease and perfectly when standing in front of a harmless, armless crowd and spouting perfectly absurd lies about the dangers of gun control and how such a practice would be ineffective.

The NRA, the nation’s main proponents of gun rights and guns for all, preaches the theory of “good guys with guns” – a theory claiming that if you have a large audience, such as the one at an NRA convention, the more arms you have, the more fear you place in the hearts of those wicked people who would seek to harm others – with firearms, of course. The NRA leaders and members apparently see no hypocrisy in the fact that they would extend an invitation to someone to speak at their convention when those speaker’s protectors overrule NRA principles and flout their hosts’ cherished ideals.

Our nation’s liar-in-chief finds no irony in the fact that he and his family are protected from gun violence by an agency that practices gun control while he spouts nonsense about gun rights being a God-given right – as if he has any clue whatsoever about what God has intended on any subject.

Meanwhile, in the real world, more than 187,000 students have been subjected to gun violence since the mass shooting at Columbine. Think maybe the Secret Service is protecting the wrong people?


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