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The Movement Starts: Ohio Democratic Party Names Tina Butts Minority Engagement Consultant

By Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Now it’s official!

After a number of years of volunteering for local Democratic Party candidates – holding fundraisers, giving of her time to keep people informed about their right to vote, getting souls to the polls – Tina Butts has become the Ohio Democratic Party’s minority engagement consultant for northwest Ohio. It’s an appointment that is much to the delight of those who have not only witnessed her activities over the past few years but have also directly benefitted from her efforts.

“I want to make this fun,” says Butts of her new responsibilities. “I want to make this like a movement.”

Currently, says Butts, there are about 20,000 to 22,000 minority voters in Lucas County and she would like to increase that number through her efforts by 5,000 to 8,000. In fact, over the past years, Butts has been engaged in just that sort of effort at election time but now she has the opportunity to perform that task in an official capacity while giving her attention to it on a regular basis throughout the year. What she has been doing as a community activist has been recognized by the Democratic Party. The new minority engagement consultant has spent the past five and a half “happy years” as a bail bondsman with T-Bonds and will continue in that capacity.

“The Democratic Party needs to re-engage in this community, that’s what this is all about,” adds Attorney Richard Mitchell whose downtown office is in the same complex as Butts. Mitchell, who once directed the Middle Passage Political Action Committee, knows a thing or two about organizing political activities.

Butts new entity as the regional minority engagement consultant is Midwest Advocate, LLC. She starts her activities, her first rally, during the African American Parade on July 14, then at the African American Festival on July 22. She has already brought 20 captains on board to assist the fledgling operation and is currently seeking volunteers as the fall election season approaches.

“She is taking on a task she feels strongly about,” says Mitchell.

Butts’ focus will be to turn out those citizens who are not often inclined to vote, especially those in lower income housing – LMHA housing, nursing facilities, for example. She will be placing an emphasis on early voting and absentee voting as well. “I want people to know how serious this is,” she says.

Former Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson seconded the importance of the work Butts is undertaking and why it is essential to “explain why it’s important to vote, why it’s beneficial to the average person.” That importance has been magnified, said Hicks-Hudson, with the recent efforts by state Republican office holders to purge voters from the polls.

Going forward, Butts will be coordinating her efforts with local party leaders and elected officials, many of whom have been supportive of her in the past. Those interested in more information or wanting to volunteer to assist can contact her at 419-450-3325.



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