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Back-to-School Tips to Save You Time and Money


Special to The Truth

From shopping for school supplies to lunch meal prep, getting ready for the first day of school can be overwhelming.


To help relieve some of the stress, the discount experts at Dollar General are offering a few money and time-saving tips.


Start with the Supply List


When deciding what school supplies to purchase for the new school year, start with the list provided by the studentís teacher. Begin attacking the list by determining what is reusable from the last school year. Some states offer tax-free incentive weekends or periods, so check before purchasing the remaining supplies, for additional back-to-school savings.


New Year, New Style


Purchasing new clothes can be an additional back-to-school expense that doesnít have to break the bank. Just like some school supplies, many clothes from the last school year can be reused. Consider donating gently used clothes to a local charity and purchasing new ones, by shopping out-of-season to take full advantage of clearance sales.


Lunch Prep Made Easy


Preparing lunch and snacks for students can be time consuming. Instead, spend more time with family by setting aside one day each week to prepare meals for the week ahead. For quick and easy lunchtime recipes, check out free online resources like Dollar General Easy Meals.


Discounts and Deals


For additional savings on back-to-school items and clothes, discover if your favorite stores offer digital coupons and in-store discounts. For example, Dollar General Digital Coupons allow customers to save both in-stores and online. You can download Dollar General Digital Coupons and upload coupons through the online account or the Dollar General coupon app.


Back-to-school shopping doesnít have to be overwhelming. With a few easy strategies, families are sure to have a smooth transition at the start of the new school year.


Courtesy StatePoint


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