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A Fundraiser for Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson’s Campaign

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

ProMedica President and CEO Randy Oostra organized a fundraiser for Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson at the Inverness Country Club on Tuesday morning, August 1, 2017, and several dozen Hicks-Hudson supporters turned out for a light breakfast and some serious political speeches.

ProMedica's Randy Oostra and Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson

“A major concern in moving downtown is the city leadership,” said Oostra whose health care system has committed millions of dollars towards several major moves into the downtown area. Some of the moves started during the short tenure of Mayor D. Michael Collins and have continued, without apprehension or skipping a beat, he noted, during Hicks-Hudson’s term in office.

“We think about leadership and the way the city works, the progress the city has made and you have to think very positively about [Paula Hicks-Hudson’s] leadership,” he told the supportive audience as he introduced Hicks-Hudson. “We have been really pleased with the great things going on in the city, thanks to [the mayor].”

The mayor began her own remarks by noting that over $300 million is currently being invested in downtown-area Toledo and over 3,000 individuals are moving into the area. While she is pleased with the downtown progress, Hicks-Hudson said that the city’s attention now needs to turn more intently to improving neighborhoods.

“How do we add to this story?” she asked. “People from the business community, the arts, the non-profits – all us coming together for that shared vision. All of the pillars of our community coming together for all of the neighborhoods.”

Hicks-Hudson, who ascended to the mayor’s office upon the death of Mayor D. Michael Collins in February 1915 and won the right to complete his term in a special election held in November of that year, is starting her campaign to serve a full four-year term in this year’s election. Her chief opponents in the September 12 primary will be Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz and Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski. The top two finishers will face off in the November general election.

“How can we as a community help neighborhoods come together?” she asked.

Hicks-Hudson offered a two-part answer to improving the condition of the city’s neighborhoods. First, “make sure the neighborhoods are safe.” Second, “take the opportunity to ensure young people are prepared when they enter school.”

With respect to the first part, the mayor mentioned the importance of reclaiming vacant properties and making sure that people can move about their neighborhoods safely.

As to the second part, Hicks-Hudson stressed the importance of those pillars of the community working with school districts to ensure kids are ready to enter school and, from a health standpoint, she noted that her office is working with the federal government to address issues such as lead poisoning abatement.

The City of Toledo last year became the first city in Ohio to pass a lead safe ordinance and the enforcement of that ordinance starts this summer. Several other Ohio cities, such as Cleveland, seem poised to follow that example.

“I intend to bring everyone to the table, my office is the center to bring everyone together,” she said of the vision she holds for Toledo. “Moving our city forward is a vital part of what I am.”


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