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What Fros Are In Fashion and Where Can You Find Them?

By Megan Davis

The Truth Contributor


Holiday parties still happen during this time of year. From swanky soirees to corporate dinners and PJ Parties by the fireside, the holidays are here, and, well, quickly passing. Tis the season for sequins, velvet, cute boots and frotastic hair. 


What are the style trends of the 2017 holidays? It looks like #BigHair #Braids  and #BoldColor are the hashtags to follow this season. The old school 80’s and 90’s Patra or Poetic Justice Braids (also known as box braids or “individuals”)  are also back and here to stay a while. Needless to say, natural hairstyles have evolved right back to our roots. From intricate cornrows, now called the “Iversons” or “Lemonade Braids”, to the mini bantus that are now created with the “dread sponge”, natural hair is more versatile today than ever before!


The Big Hair Don’t Care awards go to those rocking Crochet Braids. Crochet braids are braids mainly because of their braided base.


Typically, loose hair is looped into cornrows to create a super full, shaped crown that looks like it is growing from one’s own head. The hair used for crochet braids ranges from tight coils to “perm straight” and now box braids or twists. Just a couple of years ago, these “braids” were looped in by hand, and now they come pre-looped for faster installation times and fewer loops around the cornrow base. Crochet braids are a great way to change the color or texture of your natural hair without altering it with heat or chemicals. They aren’t recommended for people with very weak hair, unless the person installing them understands how to cover those areas without stressing them further. This style is fairly simple for the DIY home  beauty guru.

For a Black Owned company to purchase the hair, check out Powell’s Beauty Supply in Toledo or Curlkalon.com which was founded by Shavonne Riggins.


The Color Me Bold trophy goes to the current trending colors purple, pink, green and blue and there’s even a rainbow effect many are going for-the options are endless. The most popular brands for DIYers (Do it yourself) are Textures and Tones, Adore and Manic Panic. There are also colored chalks and spray on color that are temporary and work well for short-term color goals. But if you’re looking for a drastic color change that is more permanent, enlist the services of a licensed professional who can customize a color blend for you and remember don’t mix brands and types of dyes as they may lead to the wrong results (often green) or a bad reaction.


Check out some of these local  colorists on Instagram or Facebook: Parebear25 (IG), Maria Powell, Ma’Shalla Bourne, Charmella Coiffeuse, Ryan Taylor, Larry Walker, Chawone Ardrey or visit the newly-opened Blessed Hands Beauty Bar located at 1028 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd. and the newly renovated Studio 329 located at 1244 Flaire Dr. both off Dorr Street.


There’s nothing more out-the-box than box braids. They are back on the charts like the resurrection of 90s R n B and 80s pop. Who can remember Patra whining in her video “Pull up to my bumper” or Janet Jackson smacking on her gum in the film, Poetic Justice? Their down-to-there individual braids were the envy of all the teens in junior and high school who were star struck in awe at these brown skinned beauties gracing their screen. Maybe not considered a melanated Queen, singer  Rick James had all the sex appeal a brother who wore individual braids with beads on their ends could have. Box braids can be done in a variety of sizes from micro to jumbo and everything in between. Men may not desire to emulate Rick James these days, but there are those who have opted to braid and bead their beards instead. 


Box braids can be done using different techniques such as feed-in, which gives a gradual pattern of thickness or individual crochet, where pre braided braids are simply looped onto cornrows or natural plaits. The most fun thing about box braids are the colors they are available in from soft pink, to silver to ombre black/ purple and turquoise. It may take two hours or six hours, depending on the size and length of braids one may want.


The world of braiding has become so popular again, that professional women have found go-to styles that are suitable for office and date night. The halo braid is a popular crown-effect, large braid fashioned in a circular motion around the perimeter of the head, using all the hair gathered therein. These braids are also often made by hand using a package of Yaki or Kanekalon hair and pinned onto slicked back hair or hair in a neat bun. This gives the natural hair a break from being pulled and stretched and takes as little as 10 minutes to create with an investment of $1.


If you’re thirsty for details, then lemonade braids may be for you. Made popular again by Beyonce (although 80s friends may remember when Bo Derek wore something similar) in her Album-Film Lemonade, these are cornrows that are created in a pattern that often drapes to one side and are done in different directions, leaving “tendrils” out adorned with beads. This type of braided pattern took root with the men when NBA star Allen Iverson wore his version of very intricate cornrows when he was on the court. They had a long run, then faded to black for a few years, only to be resurrected by Queen Bey herself. Now men and women comfortably are wearing designer cornrows again and dare anyone to ask for an apology.


Natural hairstyles were cover stories before social media took notice. Now you can be your own cover girl or guy with the help of video tutorials via any number of sites, including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But if you’re not bold enough to try it yourself, we have some great braiders in Toledo who can get the job done. Just go to Facebook and type in Tasha Wilson (Krave Studio), Kierra Tucker, Braiding Brown, Evette Braids, Tuscon Braids or Msteejae Braids and ask them how to view their work and book an appointment.


Before getting braids, you may want to have a consultation so you can learn about the many different ways to wear braids, the cost, the maintenance and if they are suitable for you and your lifestyle. Your hair should be healthy before having extensions installed. There are always risks, such as allergies to the hair or the chemical used to preserve it, tension (too tight)  and weight (too heavy) that could all lead to scalp damage and/or scars. Be sure to follow the directions of your braider to ensure that your hair and scalp remain as healthy as possible.


Everyone wants their chance to shine and be in the spotlight. Hopefully, with this Holiday Hair Guide, you are well on your way to being Cover Girl/Guy Ready. Happy HAIRdays!



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