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ITS 2018  - Time To Get Your Groove Back!!

By Angela Steward, Fitness Motivator

The Truth Contributor


What is a “groove”? My definition of groove is: feeling good, looking good, feeling healthy and confident! My groove might not be the same as your groove but, surely, everyone wants to feel and look her best, no matter her age! 


So, how do lose your groove? I lost mine in my 30’s while raising my kids, more than likely, that’s when you lost yours too! Raising children can suck all the “groove” from your life! All your energy is donated to them! 


They don’t do it intentionally, we allow it to happen, because that’s what we mothers do. We put our kids and everyone else at the very top of our priority list – we’re not only at the bottom of our list, but more than likely we’re not even on our own priority list!

We (moms) fall into a rut, caring more and more about others, while caring less and less about how we look and feel. The word “exercise” is a word used in someone else’s vocabulary. It’s easier to spend money to cover up our unhealthy, overweight body than it is to actually work on our unhealthy, overweight body!!  My philosophy is: Clothes look great on a body, but a fit body looks great without clothes! 

Angela R. Steward

Owner & Head Instructor of




Mom - It’s time to break out of that “mom” shell and get back to your pre-mom life!  It’s possible to get your groove back, but you have to take that first LEAP!  It’s not a step because the hole is deep, you will have to literally LEAP to change the unhealthy lifestyle you’ve accepted. 


I always say if you’re happy in the skin you’re in, by all means celebrate!!  But if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said I really want to do something about this weight, I want to get rid of this belly, or I’m tired of feeling tired – then get out there and get your groove back. No matter your age - It’s possible!  


Start by making small changes.  Prepare simpler meals.  For the most part, eat your foods in their natural state. Prepare a baked potato, not scalloped potatoes. 


Eat lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Avoid canned vegetables they’re loaded with salt and canned fruits are loaded with sugar.  Eat fresh if possible.


Drink water, water, and more water. Avoid soda. You can cut hundreds of calories by switching to water: add sliced lemons, limes or cucumbers for extra flavor.


Move, move, move! Move your body! No matter how tired you are, get up. Make a promise to walk at least 30 minutes a day, at the same time every day. Make it part of your daily routine. A good cardio workout will deliver true cardio benefits.  Walk at a pace where you’re mildly breathless but can carry on a conversation!  For example, I prefer to walk by myself so I walk with my Ipod. If I’m able to sing while inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth, I’m walking at a good pace. If you can talk continuously without stopping to take a breathe, you’re not walking fast enough, on the other hand if you can’t catch your breath to speak a sentence, you’re intensity is too high. Slow down and breathe, inhale through the nose, exhale out the mouth. 


Get an accountability partner. Invite someone to share this new healthy lifestyle with you. But be forewarned, that person may begin the journey with you, but more than likely won’t end it with you. It’s always nice to have a partner during this time, but fitness requires commitment. Encourage someone to walk this journey with you, but don’t let that person’s lack of commitment or dedication overpower your desire to get healthier and fit.


Don’t let excuses get in the way of your Groove! If it’s raining – walk with an umbrella or walk in the mall!. Spare me the infamous excuse: “I don’t like to sweat my hair out.” Frankly, I don’t know of anyone who’s died from a sweaty head of hair, but I do know of many who’ve died of a heart attack or stroke, which for the most part could have been prevented by living a healthier lifestyle!. Once again…..No Excuses!!!  


Offer No Apologies for taking the time to exercise, be proud of your healthier lifestyle - everyone should do some form of exercise activity daily.


By following these simple steps you could take up to 20 pounds off in 10 weeks!! To begin your healthier lifestyle, you have to believe that you can be healthier than you are today! You have to commit to eating healthier: cut back on the fast food restaurants, cook at home.  Plan daily meals using lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Ditch the sodas and drink more water! Move your body for 30 minutes daily. Commit to this healthy new lifestyle!


I’d love to hear from you! I’ve helped women of all ages and fitness levels in their fitness journey, allow me to help you in yours!!  If you have questions or if I can be of help to you, feel free to email or text me. Everyone needs a little help now and then. Now get out there & Get your Groove Back!


Yours In Fitness!!


Angela R. Steward

Owner & Head Instructor


5425 Southwyck Blvd.

Toledo, Ohio 43614

Email: FabFitu@yahoo.com

Phone: 419-699-9399

Classes: Monday thru Friday 6pm & 7pm & Sat 9a





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