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A Mental Health Moment
By Bernadette Joy Graham, MA, LPC, NCC
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
The Truth Contributor

Taking care of ourselves seemingly involves, getting a physical and a yearly dental check-up and cleaning.  There has been much more attention recently focused on the early detection of possible health care concerns through  procedures such as breast exams and prostate exams, for example. 

Even then, many individuals will refuse to visit a healthcare provider until their pain has surpassed what they can handle.  While we focus our attention on our physical needs and pains, many forget one of the most important parts of ourselves, one we cannot see – our mental and emotional health. 

Just because we are unable to see mental health does not mean it is not just as important as the parts we can see or feel physically.  We will often put off how we feel emotionally as part of life while assuming “it too shall pass.”  Sometimes it will pass depending on the scenario, but mental heal issues exist not only in adults, but in children.  Just as physical ailments can be genetic, hereditary or just plain situational so too can mental and emotional disorders. 

As new school years begin, parents are given forms to be completed by their primary care providers to assess their children’s physical care and to update their immunizations.  As the school year progresses, many students are put in detention or expelled for behaviors beyond the expertise of many teachers and parents and a mental health assessment may be in order. 

Teachers are not mental health professionals they are educators.  If you as a parent or a teacher have concerns about a child’s behaviors or emotions, seek out a mental health professional for an assessment.  If a child is not performing in school, they may need a psychological assessment for a possible learning disorder. 

Life can be full of chaos and experiences that may cause us a range of emotional and mental disturbances.  Taking the extra time to assess our mind is just as important as assessing our physical well-being.  Cutting off one’s head would not just end our lives physically but mentally as our minds ultimately rule our behaviors. 

Our thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams and thinking capacity lay within our brain.  Taking a moment to explore the needs of our mental health is worth more than you can imagine.  Ask your medical providers and insurance about obtaining mental health assessments to assess issues that may be detrimental to our core being as a human being.  

An assessment is usually a 60 to 90- minute exploration of one’s history such as physical health, education, family background and dynamic, abuse, trauma, interests, strengths and weaknesses.  Once an assessment is complete, the mental health professional will discuss any diagnoses and concerns and develop a treatment plan catered to your unique needs.  This can include individual counseling, group counseling or other specialized care.

 Child or adult, we feel, we think, and we explore through our minds which often affect how we produce, engage and live within our physical selves.  Living within your maximum capacity is detrimental to the success of the outcome of your life.  Take a mental health moment and seek an assessment today.   It could mean the difference between living your life to the best of your capacity and just living.

Ed. Note:    Bernadette Graham, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.



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