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Why You Need Life Insurance

By Vince Davis, State Farm Agent
Guest Column

Why do you need life insurance?

You must care about people other than yourself.  If you love your spouse, boo, kids, mom, grand moms and special someone, You need life insurance! If you agree with this statement: “I will not live on this earth forever,” then you need life insurance.  You need life insurance if you care about the people whom you leave behind. 

There are obligations that you have made that will be unfulfilled in the event of your early demise. You have these obligations that can be handled by life insurance:  1. You are obliged to raise and financially support your children; 2. You must pay for where you live - if you have a mortgage, funds should be available to pay off the mortgage; 3. If you rent, funds must be available for your loved ones to pay the rent; 4. If you bought a car on credit, funds should be available to pay the car off or pay the car payment for the designated period of time; 5.Credit card debt can be paid off with life insurance; 6. Equity lines of credit can be paid off with life insurance; 7. Student loans can be paid off with life insurance; 8. College education can be paid for with life insurance; 9. Medical bills accumulated after a long illness can be paid for with life insurance; 10. A family continuation fund can be set up with life insurance; 11. Final funeral and last rites services can be set up with life insurance

A famous dentist once said, “Only floss those teeth that you plan on keeping.” The only people who do not need life insurance are the, “immortal people.” Even rich people with few to any financial concerns can pay off estate taxes with the “discounted dollars’ that the life insurance dollars can buy.

The last time I checked, the reputable funeral service businesses in town require money for services rendered. In many cases proof of funds is required before services can commence. Funeral service businesses are fee-for-services businesses.

You establish what type of service that you would like from the options available. Then you pay for those services or perhaps assign life insurance proceeds.  Life insurance can fulfill your last wishes. However you cannot wait until you get sick to get life insurance. 

The best time to get life insurance is right now. The healthier and younger the applicant, the more likely for the policy to get an issued, ordinary, standard policy

Ed. Note: Contact the author at Vincedavisinsurance.com, vince.davis.bun1@statefarm.com, 419-509-0326 cell, 419-244-2904 work



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