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TARTA Unveils a New Strategic Vision

Special to The Truth


A new day for TARTA is on the horizon. After a thorough evaluation of its services, the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) is embracing the opportunity to keep pace with the revitalization of the region. TARTA has developed the Move Toledo strategic vision that will guide significant enhancements to the future of public transportation in and around Toledo.


The Move Toledo strategic vision was developed specifically to meet the needs of the Toledo region during its era of progress and vibrant revitalization. The vision embraces the changes in the Toledo area and explores how public transportation will play a role as a critical resource for the region’s future.


Over the past several months, TARTA has re-evaluated its services and reimagined what TARTA can be. TARTA studied transit authorities in more than 50 cities to gather current best practices in public transportation and investigated future trends in urban mobility. TARTA also commissioned a public input study to gather the opinions of current riders, non-riders, Toledo residents and suburbanites, TARTA staff, business leaders, and public officials.


“The feedback we received provided an honest assessment of where TARTA is currently and what our community wants and needs from a public transit service,” said Jim Gee, TARTA General Manager. “Some of the comments were difficult to hear, but our stakeholders really challenged us to leave no stone unturned and develop a plan that will meet the future lifestyle needs of our community.”


The result of this research, analysis, and self-reflection is the development of Move Toledo, a strategic vision that focuses on three key areas:


Service Introductions

In addition to expanding TARTA routes throughout all of Lucas County, the Move Toledo strategic vision calls for TARTA service hours to be extended to better accommodate workers on all shifts. The vision also includes new modes of transportation, such as a van pool program to offer ride-share for residents who work in other municipalities within our region and a new Uber-like, on-demand service.


Technology Advancements

TARTA plans to bring new technology to its fleet by adding vehicles powered by alternative fuel sources such as including propane and electricity and exploring opportunities to integrate autonomous vehicles as technologies advance. Service amenities such as online scheduling for TARPS and Call-A-Ride would be implemented along with a new app that would accept fare payments from credit/debit cards via smartphone.


Core Improvements

A number of core improvements are planned to position TARTA as a viable transportation option for our region. One component of these upgrades includes the complete restructuring of transit routes to create more efficient service in suburban areas, decrease the number of transfers required, and increase bus frequency in key areas. Additionally, a shift in TARTA’s current funding from property tax to a sales tax model will aid in the equalization of transportation funding. Other core changes include updating TARTA’s fleet of vehicles and a refreshed brand to better reflect the future of TARTA.


Visit www.movetoledo.com to learn how these improvements will transform TARTA and help Move Toledo forward.


With its Move Toledo vision, TARTA is embracing the momentum and changes in its community and positioning itself as a valuable resource for area residents. TARTA is more prepared than ever to begin a new chapter in public transit in Toledo and its surrounding communities and become a leader in public transportation.



The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority was formed in 1971 and is a political subdivision under Ohio law, similar to a park or school district. TARTA supplies more than 3.1 million passenger trips annually and provides interconnected regional service to six communities in Lucas County – Toledo, Maumee, Waterville, Ottawa Hills, Sylvania, and Sylvania Township – and Rossford in Wood County.


TARTA provides a variety of transportation services, including fixed-line service on regularly scheduled specific routes, seven days a week; the Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service (TARPS) for people with disabilities; Call-A-Ride service in suburban communities; and shuttle service to Toledo Mud Hens and Walleye sporting events. TARPS and Call-A-Ride customers are required to call in advance to arrange pick-up times.


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