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Small Changes – Big Benefits!

By Angela Steward, Fitness Motivator

The Truth Contributor


Ok, we’ve all tried a crash diet or two.  We all know that in most cases they don’t and won’t last throughout your lifetime!  So, here are a few easy lifestyle tips and shortcuts that will help you eat and live happier for the rest of your life!


1.         Keep frozen veggies in the freezer!  Why?  Because they’re handy and easy to add to every day meals!  Scrambled eggs - add sautéed spinach, onion and broccoli!  Preparing pasta, add frozen veggies!!  Frozen veggies are also convenient for a quick stir-fry!


2.         When eating out with family and friends, don’t be tempted by what everyone is ordering - ORDER FIRST!  Chances are if you order first you’ll make a healthier choice!  Once you hear your friend order a double bacon cheeseburger, it’s easy to forget about your healthy salad! 


3.         Eat your veggies first!  By eating your veggies first, followed by protein, then carbs, you’ll feel full and less hungry by the time you get to the carbs! 

Angela R. Steward

Owner & Head Instructor of



4.         Don’t stop eating your favorite sweets and snacks! It’s okay to eat your favorite sweet or treat — just try to keep it under 150 calories. Instead of eating a 500-calorie slice of cheesecake with ice cream, have a small slice of cake and a few spoons full of ice cream. When eating your favorite chips, popcorn, etc., adjust the size of your snack!  DO NOT EAT OUT OF THE BAG!! Your brain won’t tell you “STOP” until the bag is empty! Instead, read the label to determine the portion size, put your portion size snack into a plate or bowl to control overeating! Once your plate or bowl is empty, your brain will scream…. SNACK TIME IS OVER!


5.         Use a mister for your olive oil or buy it in an aerosol can.  One tablespoon of olive oil is 120 calories, but if you spray the pan with olive oil its only five to 10 calories!!


6.         Don’t multi task while eating! Put your cell phone, tablet or lap top down! It’s easy to overeat while multitasking! 


7.         Eat breakfasts high in protein, fat and veggies and low in carbs!  I know….it’s so tempting to grab a doughnut, blueberry muffin or croissant, but sugary foods cause your blood sugar levels to rise significantly, then crash, making you crave sugar even more!  The better choice is to boil or scramble a few eggs, remember to add your frozen veggies!  You’ll stay full longer!


8.         Invest in cute plastic containers!! Seriously, I look forward to packing my lunch or snacks in my cute containers! Putting your lunch or snacks in a leftover Cool Whip container– ain’t cute….lol!!


9.         When seasoning your food, instead of salt, use other spices like garlic, basil onion or curry powder! They all provide nutritional value and adds flavor to your food without the health risk of salt!!


10.        When ordering a salad, always, always order your dressing on the side!!  Restaurant salads can be close to 1,000 calories, 200 – 300 of the calories comes from the dressing!  By asking for the dressing on the side, you can add it as needed!!!


11.        You love Smoothies? Make sure it’s a balanced mix of protein, fat and carbs! Use a cup of spinach and kale for protein, and no more than one cup of fruit, preferably berries because they’re high in antioxidants and lowest in sugar compared to bananas or tropical fruits like pineapples or mangos! Use unsweetened nut milks like coconut or almond milk for your healthy fat! 


12.        Always take a water bottle with you! Invest in a cute water bottle to help you get excited about drinking more water! Drink water throughout the day!


13.        Meal Prep Ain’t Easy!  Try to prep your breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the next day before going to bed. It can be as simple as throwing the dry ingredients for your morning smoothie in the blender so that all you have to do is add frozen foods and the almond milk in the morning. Just 15 minutes of planning can make you feel good about your food intake the next day.  I boil or scramble my eggs the night before, so they’re ready to eat! Some people meal prep in large batches over the weekend to make packing weeknight lunches easy, I’m not one of those organized individuals!


14.        To get a better sense of your eating habits and how much you eat – sit down and write down everything you’ve eaten over a few days!  It’s not that you’re counting calories, it’s more like checking your daily intake.  Writing down what you eat can help you get a sense of your food habits, or figure out why you’re always hungry and of course, helps identify better food choices! 


15.        Exercise!!! Whatever you do – Move Your Body daily!!  Walk, run, ride a bicycle!!  Small Changes = Big Benefits!!



In Health & Wellness!!


Angela R. Steward

Certified Fitness Professional

Group Fitness Trainer

Head Instructor and Owner of



5425 Southwyck Blvd.

Toledo, Ohio 43614

Classes: Mon 6p, Tues 6p, Wed 6pm & Sat 9a

Email: FabFitu@yahoo.com

Phone: 419-699-9399

Stop into any class, your first visit is….FREE!!!!



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