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Trump Wants Your Attention...Now!

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     Well, it is making its rounds on both social media and the news media.

     It is a sensation and is causing a lot of energized talk about Herr Trump's latest desire and that is for, "his people" to sit up straight and pay attention" to him when he talks or comes into a room.

     Trump, fresh from his photo-op trip to North Korea, is still bathing in the glimmer and glow of being in the presence of another despot/dictator, Kim Jung Un.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     Trump, a wannabee authoritarian, was orange with envy when he noticed how Kim's "people" are delirious when Kim comes into a room or when he gives a command, they hop to it.

     No back talk. No questions. Just pure unabashed obedience to their boy god-king.

     Trump witnessed fawning and groveling and he was over the moon with envy and jealousy that "his people" are not similarly groomed or trained as empty-minded vassals.

     Now, the question is: Who are, "his people?" Are they his hardcore 30 to 35 percent followers who would find him not guilty if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue in NYC?

     Or, are they the rest of the GOP party which in a recent poll, support him at a mind boggling eighty-five percent!

    If you know anything about despots, they crave and demand loyalty without reservation. They avoid anyone who is remotely intellectual and who could or would challenge and question their authority.

     For those people, Kim Jung Un has the grim punishments of political prisons, murder or starvation diets.

     If you notice a ugly and troubling trend with Herr Trump is that he also has a soft spot for world leaders that exercise autocratic powers, be it Putin, or Assad, Kim or the rulers in Turkey and the Philippines.

     Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he has little kindness or regard for world leaders that are democratic in their style and are considerate of other people.

      Not Trump. He wants to grab you by the political throat and throttle you until you cry, "Godfather!"

Trump loves pomp and circumstance and he loves being the leader of his own parade. He loves it when people throw him kisses and swoon in his presence.


     Trump, whom I believe is Putin's Manchurian Candidate (rent the movie by that title in which Frank Sinatra plays the lead role and you will discover the Putin Factor), coddles despots and tries in all ways to avoid causing them any grief or harm.

     If there were a fan club for autocrats, Trump would be a paid up lifelong member.

     To find out if you are a "Trumpette" that would be willing to become a mindless Trump political groupie, I have obtained the below questions to be answered by you.

    These four questions, according to the national polling form of Ketter, Marcar & Dufoos, are designed to test whether or not you have the personality traits to be a stoogie or a flunky for bullies like Trump.

Circle how many may apply to you:

QUESTION ONE:  While growing up circle which activities you did, even for only one time:

(1) caught flies and ripped off their wings and watched them die.

(2) spied on your fellow classmates and told the teacher on them.

(3) when caught in a lie, you double down and continue to say that you are innocent!

(4) someone lent you lunch money and you never paid them back even when you repeatedly said you would.

QUESTION TWO: At a grocery store you did the following:

(1) secretly bruised the bananas and chuckled about it.

(2) ordered things from the Deli and left them on another counter and did not pay for them.

(3) ripped open bags of food and sampled them without paying for it.

(4) left your shopping cart in the parking lot in such a way that it block other cars from using available spaces.

QUESTION THREE: In a movie theatre you did the following:

(1) when the usher told you to stop talking, you threatened him with a fist fight.

(2) in the restroom, you jammed up the toilets with large paper wads.

(3) when you saw bullies picking on a smaller kid, you laughed at the small kid and went on your way.

(4) when the coast was clear, you would "bump" into girls and fondle their behinds and act as if were a mistake!

QUESTION FOUR: At the library, you would do the following:

(1) pay the nerdy kids to do your homework.

(2) mix up the books on the shelves so no one could find them in their logical sequence.

(3) sneer at the Mexican kids and say out loud that they smelled like day old tacos.

(4) take selfies of yourself while you should be studying.

    If you chose certain answers to the above questions, it is a good chance that a Trump type person with his flawed character could woo you to his way of thinking and you would wonder, "What happened!"

     To get those critical answers, simple mail me an untraceable money order for $62.18 and I will send you the answers and no...this is not Fake News!

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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