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Democrats Forge Plans to Offset Voter Purges

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Local Democrats held a press conference on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 to announce their plans to counter the impact of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding Ohio’s voter purging activities. On the previous Monday, the Court, by a narrow 5-4 margin ruled that the Ohio actions are consistent with federal regulations.

Kurt Young speaks of plans to counter voter purging as Paula Hicks-Hudson and Councilman Nick Komives, Larry Sykes (behind Young) Peter Ujvagi and Yvonne Harper look on

Led by Kurt Young, who was recently elected chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party, a number of elected officials gathered in support of the three point plan the party has adopted to offset the voter purges the Ohio Secretary of State – Republican Jon Husted –has sanctioned.

Those actions, declared Young, “can eliminate thousands of Lucas County voters and hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters.”

The first step of the Democrats’ plan, said Young, is to ensure that the next Secretary of State is Democrat Kathleen Clyde, who will be facing Republican Frank LaRose in November’s general election.

The second step will be to request public records in order to contact those registered voters who are in danger of being urged.

Thirdly, the party intends to mount a massive voter registration effort to offset the loss on the voter rolls of those purged.

Toledo City Councilwoman Yvonne Harper also addressed the issue and urged elected officials who were not on the ballot to help other elected officials by working the polls.

Councilman Nick Komives announced his plan to introduce legislation to make it easy for people to register. That legislation will be modeled after the current voter registration activities by the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles, which offers drivers an opportunity to register or change the voter registration information onsite.




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